Monday, 23 April 2018


2006-03-01: AnyTravel 0.1.0 alpha is released for travel agency. The online version can be viewed onOrex Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd website at

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Our Products

We provide wide range of IT solutions including Computer Graphics Design, Network Solutions, eCommerce Solutions and Software customization.

Want to connect to the web? We have our own dedicated server and we provide hosting services. All our servers are running on RedHat with PHP+MySQL enabled.

Our computer design covers Web Design, 3D Movie, Multimedia CD, Advertisement Design and etc. We have prefessional designers in making both still and animation graphics. We can translate your ideas into vivid computer animation, and present to people.

We also design network system for Small & Medium Sized Companies. Want to connect together? We have experts to design and install the network structure, servers and workstations to suit your company needs.

We are specially focus on eCommerce Solutions, including Online Credit Card Transactions, Online Realtime Reports, Charts and etc.

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