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2006-04-17: AnyConnection is preparing for AnyHRM, including AnyWorkflow system.

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Wednesday, 07 July 2004

In the early development stage, various development tools were introduced, including Microsoft's Visual Studio, Sun's JAVA and etc. But we insisting on Open Source System due to the stability of Linux and compatibility issues of various OS platforms in the market.

The market is changing to adapt Linux as primary backend server for its stability, security and relatively lower resource requirements. Almost all our web-based products are developed using PHP+MySQL running on Linux. Our backend products are usually developed using the famous Perl language. However, our products can be easily deployed to Microsoft Windows without affecting the major performance. Thus, no major development is required when migrating to a different platform.

Open Source System is a contribution from all the developers around the world, and it is rapidly updated daily. Everyone shares their knowledge and works together in the development, instead of depending on one commercial party on product updates and bugs fixing.

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