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Project-Based Approach Incorporating ICT Component And Soft Skills

Implementation of PBL for Mathematics Year 3 Pupils

Learning To Integrate ICT With Intel Teach

MOEÔÇÉIntel School Adoption Project Phase I
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since Feb 01, 2007

Free professional development for teachers and educators

Project Based Approaches Course (PBA), Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms & Collaboration in the Digital Classroom.

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Unit Portfolio Contest 2011

Intel Malaysia invites all (a) teachers and educators from public schools, universities, colleges and teacher education institutions (b) Teacher trainees to apply.

Date of Submission: By 10 October 2011

Prize Giving Ceremony: 24 November 2011

Venue: Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Time: 2.00-5.00pm

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Template: Unit Plan

Sample Structure of  Unit Portfolio:


Intel® Teach Program

Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course helps both experienced primary and secondary teachers and pre-service teachers (student teachers) integrate technology into instruction to enhance student learning and develop higher order thinking skills.

The Intel® Teach Program helps teachers understand how, when and where to bring technology tools and resources into their classrooms. Besides learning to incorporate technology tools and resources into their lesson plan, they are instructed on how best to create assessment tools and align lessons with educational learning goals and curriculum specifications.

Intel® Teach Program was piloted in Malaysia in 2000 in collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE). Intel works and will continue to work with Teacher Education Division (Bahagian Pendidikan Guru), School Division (Bahagian Sekolah), Technology Education Division (Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan) and other Divisions, State Education Departments (Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri) or Agencies within or related to MOE. More than 50,000 educators, teachers and student teachers in Malaysia have successfully completed the program. The curriculum materials have been adapted and localized for use in Malaysia.

Curriculum Highlights
Intel® Teach Essentials Version 10 Training consists of thirty two hours of hand-on instruction to be delivered via eight modules. All modules remain four hours in length. Participants are required to complete only one student sample - a presentation, publication, or web-based resource (wiki or blog). All modules have been renamed and repurposed to focus more on developing and assessing projects and implementing effective instructional practices that promote 21st century learning. It is not an IT skills program.

Participating teachers receive extensive training and resources to promote effective technology use in the classroom through research, communication and productivity strategies and tools.

New resources are included in the Intel Teach Essentials face To face Course, version 10.1. To update content to align with the most current pedagogical approaches, the Intel® Teach Essentials Course v.10.1
- Focus more on instructional design, project approaches, multiple methods of assessment throughout the instructional cycle, and promoting 21st century learning
- Focus on teachers as curriculum developers
- Remove all step-by-step software instructions from manual and replace with CD or web-based interactive help system, the Intel® Education Help Guide

The version 10.1 curriculum of Teach Essentials Online Course (TEO) was piloted in IPG and schools in October 2008. It is 14+46 hours for Master Facilitators and 12+48 hours for Participant Teachers, a hybrid of face-to-face and online training.

Thinking with Technology consists of 24-40 hours of face-to-face, interactive instruction delivered through up to 11 curricular modules. These modules focus on enhancing higher-order thinking skills through the use of online tools. This course was piloted in October 2009.

Project-Based Approaches (PBA) is a free, professional development course that you can experience now, anytime, or anywhere. A new series of high interest, visually compelling courses provides deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts using:
- Animated tutorials and audio dialogs to explain concepts
- Interactive knowledge checking exercises
- Offline activities to apply concepts

Training Model
The program uses the Train-the-Trainer Model. Senior Trainers (STs) train Master Facilitators (MFs) who in turn train up to 20 Participant Teachers (PTs) each.

The educators and teachers undergo comprehensive training and then become the resource persons and impart training to other teachers in their institutions and schools. Intel® Teach Program certificate is awarded to teachers after successful completion of training and submission of unit portfolios.

New programs in 2010
Intel® Teach Essentials Version 10.1 (Face to Face) - 32 hours
Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches (PBA) - 15-20 hours
Intel® Teach Thinking with Technology (TwT) - 24-40 hours


New programs in 2011
Intel® Teach Essentials Version 10.1 English & Versi BM - 32 hours
Intel® Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches (PBA) English & Versi BM - 15-20 hours
Intel® Teach Elements: Assessement in 21st Century Classrooms- 15-20 hours
Intel® Teach Elements: Collaboration In The Digital Classroom - 15-20 hours
Intel® Teach Thinking with Technology (TwT) - 24-40 hours

Updated on 2nd June 2011.


What's New
Survey Kursus Thinking With Technology Tahun 2011
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Survey Kursus Essentials Intel Teach Tahun 2011
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Survey Kursus Intel Teach - Project Based Approaches (facilitated)
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ST and MF are encouraged to try the following sites for more information on:
1. Help Guide
2. Global Community
3. Thinking with Technology
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- Download
- View sample Unit Plans
- Manuals for Intel® Teach Essentials Course v.10
- Guidelines/Manuals for Web 2.0
- Training Forms (ST & MF)
- Blogging with 21classroom, Wordpress, Blogger & Wikispaces
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